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Using a voice recorder with Dragon Medical

With Dragon Medical  you can dictate directly - or live - into your medical record software, such as genie, best practice, medical director, Shexie and all other medical programs.

About 90% of our clients do this - as this type of dictation is highly efficient. Directly dictating with Dragon Medical 4 does not require a third party to check the dictation or to playback any recordings. The doctor simply dictates directly into Dragon Medical using the Nuance PowerMic III microphone that is supplied with the Dragon Medical software package. 

However, many doctors require the ability to dictate when doing the rounds in a hospital or when they don't have access to their Windows PC.

Dragon Medical supports digital voice recorder audio files. In other words, you can record an audio file using a mobile phone app or a Philips/ Olympus digital voice recorder. When the doctor returns to the office, the doctor can transfer the audio to staff, who can run the dictation audio through Dragon Medical 4. Dragon Medical will generate plain text which the typist/support person can check for accuracy. By making corrections (if any) the program will adapt and improve its accuracy over time. 

This reduces typing by about 80% or more. Greatly reducing the costs associated with typing in-house or outsourcing typing.

We have many medical centres that exclusively use the digital voice recorders with Dragon Medical to great effect. In many instances they have been able to reduce their reliance on contract typing services significantly.

If you wish to use the digital voice recorder option with Dragon Medical then please contact us. This will require additional setup and training for staff. But this will allow you to access the benefits of state-of-the-art voice recognition.

If you are yet to purchase the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 package then please contact us in advance, so we can discuss your options with live dictation or digital voice recorder support in advance of the deployment of the package.

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