Voice recognition technology and future healthcare
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Voice recognition technology and future healthcare


Voice Recognition is by no means a new technology, however its true potential in the healthcare industry is only just being realised by medical staff.

Whether you're working in your own private practice or in a medical centre with a number of doctors and nursing staff, there are priorities that need to be taken into account when addressing expenditure. Emerging medical technologies are in hot demand and, as such, voice recognition software is often overlooked as an unnecessary purchase.

But what if shifting from traditional methods of transcription to a voice recognition platform could not only save you and your business money, but help reduce the strain from an outdated form of managing patient records?

Dragon: The best speech recognition software available

Dragon voice recognition is a world-renowned transcription and dictation software designed to meet the needs of a high-volume clinical environment. The performance of Dragon medical in contrast to conventional dictation is clear, and anyone who has used voice recognition software will attest to the ease of its use.

Replacing typing with transcription software offers a medical centre and its staff the following benefits:

  • Fuller and more-detailed patient records.
  • Decreased time for reports to be made available.
  • Higher degrees of record accuracy across staff.
  • Financial savings accrued from no longer requiring medical transcribers.

These are only a few of the benefits you'll receive using speech-to-text software and, as Dragon medical is incredibly easy to implement within a practice of any size, you can start using dictation software and see the value immediately.

Create rich, detailed patient records

Healthcare providers do exactly that; they provide care for the public. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff are always in demand, a trend that is unlikely to change any time in the near future. It's crucial that the records for the many patients that come through their doors every day are not only up to date, but as detailed and beneficial as possible.

With Dragon voice recognition software, you'll immediately notice a reduction in the time spent typing and creating patient records. This will allow you to create a record of a patient and their consultation with you that provides a full overview of their previous and current care, alongside all the information relayed to the patient by healthcare professionals.

This affords medical staff greater knowledge where patient history is concerned, and can help guide doctors and nurses new to either the patient or the practice a far greater overview of treatment than if reading from short, condensed notes.

Reduce the time it takes to create reports and records

Studies as far back as two decades ago were already hailing voice recognition as the answer to doctor fatigue. In 1998, a three-month study into the use of dictation in a high-volume practice showed reports were created almost twice as fast. Now, after continued development, research and advances in technology, voice recognition software provides even greater productivity gains.

Reducing the time it takes to create reports is especially useful in the age where consultants are both in high demand and spread around the globe. Imagine the value added to patient care if you could create detailed medical records in a short space of time and share these with a consultant anywhere in the world, then relay the resultant information to the patient as if the consultant were in the very same room.

According to BCC research, the global market for voice recognition technologies was valued at $90.3 billion in 2015, and is expected to increase to $184.9 billion by 2021. Voice recognition is not only here to stay, it's true potential is finally being realised.

To learn more about our software products and how we can help you immediately make a difference for your patients, get in touch with Voice Recognition Australia today.

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