Understanding Dragon Professional
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Understanding Dragon Professional

Technology has come a long way in a very short space of time, and voice recognition is now a tool that’s able to offer real benefits when it comes to improving productivity.

Of course, there are quite a few voice recognition offerings on the marketplace, so it’s important to choose the right option when buying the software.

Few other pieces of voice recognition software are as capable as Dragon Professional, especially when it comes to features and hardware support.

What is Dragon Professional?

Dragon Professional is voice recognition software that’s designed by Nuance, a company that specialises in creating powerful voice recognition solutions for both consumers and businesses.

This piece of software in particular has been designed for a range of users, including businesses, governments and academic users – and it includes features that make it perfect for the professional market.

Once installed on a computer, it’s controlled by dictating into a microphone (either built-in to a PC or an external device). The software will then transcribe the speech into text in real time. This means that users can speak at a normal rate and have everything saved into a document.

Certain functionality will seem strange – as users will have to say ‘hyphen’, ‘question mark’ and ‘new paragraph’ to control it. With time, however, it becomes extremely easy to control the software.

Three of the key features:

1. Multiple installations: As users will likely want to use this software on multiple computers, it can be installed on up to four per user. Essentially, this makes it easy to instal on a desktop, laptop and home PC.

If users want to keep working while commuting or at home – it’s simple.

2. Fluid commands: To make computer operation truly easy and hands-free, Dragon Professional can store any voice command to activate a series of key strokes. For example, a command could be created to open multiple applications or web pages.

Commands showcase the real benefits of Dragon Professional – it can be used to replace typing and mouse control entirely.

3. Easy to master: Many pieces of professional software can seem difficult to use, and even harder to master. This isn’t the case with Dragon Professional, which can be set up in minutes and, thanks to an easy interface, quickly mastered.

What’s more, voice profiles mean you can set up the software for use in different environments – whether it’s a noisy office or a quiet study at home.

To start saving time, businesses, government departments and academic institutions need to start thinking about the usefulness of voice recognition technology.

Dragon Professional 13 is the best way to do so, given the extensive feature? set and extremely easy operation.

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