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The role voice recognition plays in improving global health

A recent research report has shared some great insight into the state of the global healthcare industry and revealed areas of improvement that can be achieved using voice recognition technology.

"What works: Paths to population health" was released by KPMG this month and has a big focus on improving organisation and one-on-one care. 

"Healthcare organisations I meet with around the world are struggling to convert the theory of coordinated and accountable care into practice," says Dr Mark Britnell, partner of KPMG in the UK.

The report takes health organisations through eight questions that need to be addressed in order to put an effective and efficient system in place. These include queries surrounding governance, identifying target populations and the strength of supporting infrastructure. 

A particularly interesting question in the report detailed the importance that technology has when it comes to improving patient care. Exploring new platforms that will improve the collection of data was highlighted as a key step needed, and that's where Dragon Medical can play its part.

As stated in the report, strong co-ordination of systems is vital not only to the success of information capture but to global healthcare practise overall. Joe Kuehn, partner of KPMG in the US and lead author of the report, highlighted that it will take a range of implementations to realise this goal.

"Developing a truly coordinated system cannot be a single 'big bang' change project," he said.

"It is a journey that requires health systems to take time to develop the necessary capabilities, infrastructure and development across a wide range of activities to achieve the goal of a coordinated care model that works to benefit the health of the entire population." 

Dragon Medical Practice is able to contribute to system co-ordination by fully integrating records that are entered vocally. The system allows users to rapidly collect patient data and recall it through voice commands. The system is easy to use and keeps medical records available for any member of staff who needs them.

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