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Dragon Speaking Educational & Academic – Volume Site License – Multi User

Dragon Naturally Speaking for Your Educational Institution – at a Lower Cost

Dragon Naturally Speaking is one of the leading speech recognition programs available today. It’s especially useful in educational institutions such as schools and universities. Teachers can use it to quickly create and edit documents, emails, lesson plans, and lectures. Students can quickly compose their papers, essays, reports, and theses. They talk, and it types for them.

Dragon Naturally Speaking also allows users to open programs, control their mouse, and open files without lifting a finger. This makes Dragon Naturally Speaking an essential computer tool for people who have disabilities such as dyslexia or Asperger’s syndrome, people are injured and unable to type, and people who simply want to be more productive. This makes it a valuable addition to schools and universities.

Given how useful Dragon Naturally Speaking can be, is there a way to get it for your educational institution without breaking your budget?

This is where the Dragon Naturally Speaking educational comes in. Your school or university can get the Dragon Naturally Speaking educational site licence, which is discounted from the retail price. It contains all the features of the Professional and Premium editions, and has the following advantages:

– Get a discount by purchasing volume copies of Dragon Naturally Speaking site licence. One media kit is supplied with the order, but individual user licences can be purchased in volume for as low as 5 desktop computers.

– You can easily add new licences as your educational institution grows and the demand for the program increases.

– At an affordable annual fee, get customer maintenance and technical support, including software upgrades for one year.

To get more accurate results with your Dragon Naturally Speaking site licence, it’s best to use a noise-cancelling headset such as the Andrea NC181VM USB microphone. This is one of the optional add-ons that makes the Dragon Naturally Speaking educational program a richer and more powerful tool.

With all its benefits for both educators and students, Dragon Naturally Speaking would make a great addition to your facilities. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Get the Dragon Naturally Speaking educational site licence and start improving your school’s productivity and efficiency today.


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