Contrast One and Dragon Medical - Radiology
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Contrast One and Dragon Medical - Radiology

Contrast One is a software imaging solution which is widely used within radiology practices. Contrast One - based in Brisbane - recently contacted Voice Recognition Australia to see how well the new Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.0 worked with their radiology software solution.

Voice Recognition Australia was able to install the Dragon Medical 4  on a Windows 10 computer with the Contrast One software installed. All the products are installed locally on the Windows PC.

We successfully dictated directly into Contrast one using the new Dragon Medical 4 Voice Recognition program. Some configuration was required to interface Dragon with the Contrast One software. This configuration will be performed when we conduct our one-on-one and Dragon Medical training with the radiologist.

Dragon Medical 4 empowers radiologists to directly dictate their notes in real-time into their radiology management software program. This will save hours each day and allow the radiologist to become far more productive. Also, their notes will be richer and more complete than ever before.

Dragon Medical practice Edition 4.0 also works with the very similar radiology program Women's Imaging One.
Women's imaging solutions radiology software

So if you're working as a radiologist and using Contrast one or Women's imaging one then call us today on 1300 255 900 to enquire about setting up a Dragon Medical 4 .0 package for your busy radiology practice.
You can also fill out our contact form below. 

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