3 new offerings in Dragon Medical Practice 3
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3 new offerings in Dragon Medical Practice 3

With the release of the latest edition of Dragon Medical Practice, many of you may be wondering – what are the new features in this new version? 

Wonder no more as we take a look at the three key developments in the best edition of this software yet.

Improved accuracy

All of our voice recognition software is able to adapt to your tone and cadences over time. However, being able to use the product with maximum reliability from the get-go is a huge advantage to users.

In this version, base out-of-the-box accuracy rates have been improved through an updated and more sophisticated speech engine. This ensures you can dictate with precision from the very first day you get started with the software. 

Fewer mistakes means more time is spent with patients and this version can save you 30 minutes a day on documentation and administrative tasks.

More compatibility with computer applications

As technology advances across the board, we recognise the importance of providing a more seamless experience across a variety of programs. With the introduction of Rich Internet Application support, this version is able to work with Office suite 2013, Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook to offer more flexibility. 

This version also introduces options for window transparency, allowing you to keep an eye on charts and documents as you dictate. The new Dragon bar also lets you collapse the window when not in use and quickly open it again when you need it.

Significant advances in drug and clinical terminology

With this latest software update, we have vastly extended the medical vocabulary within the system and can now cater for almost 60 fields and specialities. This includes dentistry, mental health, and even educational uses. 

There has also been a major increase in the number of drug titles and terms, making it easier to fill out prescriptions and treatment programmes.

If you need an accurate, reliable and responsive voice recognition solution for your clinic, Dragon Medical offers the most innovative software catered to your specific needs.


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