1 Year Subscription renewal - Dragon Medical One

 Renew your Dragon Medical One Subscription today.
  • Dragon Medical One cloud & PowerMic Mobile subscription for one year
  • Includes 12 months telephone and TeamViewer remote support
  • Includes configuration for DMO to work directly in your medical records 
  • Please renew before your expiration date to ensure continuity of service.



Components of your New Dragon Medical One Cloud System:

dragon medical one
  • Dragon Medical One Cloud service 1 year package
  • PowerMic Mobile App 12 months Subscription to the (android/iPhone) which enables you to use your smartphone as a wireless microphone. (see Video Demo)
  • Unlimited technical support 12 Months - Australian based

Dragon Medical One Australia

Voice Recognition Australia is the largest partner of Nuance Communications in the Asia-Pacific.

As a wholly owned Australian company with 21 years’ experience working with Dragon software, you can be assured that any speech recognition system will be professionally installed and maintained by our customer service and technical teams.

Our CEO - Russell Bewsell - has over two decades experience working with Dragon software and Nuance Communications. No other company in Australia can provide these credentials and the security of knowing you're dealing with an Australian company that has a proven track record of delivering voice recognition services.

Our customers include Federal Parliament House, Department of Defence, Australian Tax office, the Federal court, every federal and state health Department and tens of thousands of individual businesses, medical and legal practices.

Please be aware that there are new overseas-based companies in Australia selling Dragon software who are not Australian owned and may not be here in the long-term to support you. This is particularly important as Dragon moves to subscription services.

That's why it's important to deal with the official partner - Voice Recognition Australia


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