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iPhone SpeechLive Dictation and Transcription System 1 year (1 Author, 1 Typist)

Package Highlights

  • Dictate into your iPhone
  • Send dictations instantly and securely to your typist.
  • Includes typist footpedal and headset.
  • Second year renewal is only $579.
  • Typist can playback and edit on Apple Mac OSX using Chrome.


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  • 1 year Subscription with 2x  Speechlive accounts (author & typist)  PCL1152/00 (advanced business package)
  • Footpedal and Headset (PHILIPS LFH-5220 Hardware Kit)
  • 1 hour remote setup, training & iPhone configuration
  • 12 months help desk/technical support
  • Typist can playback and edit on Max OSX using Safari or Chrome


  • Add additional Author / Typist for your organisation. 

This is an easy to use advanced dictation system that harnesses the power of your smart phone and your web browser to deliver encrypted high quality dictation to your typist. If you have multiple authors or typists please contact us so we can provide a specialised quotation to suit your exact needs. This package is suitable for a small to medium-sized medical practice or law firm.

Cloud-based dictation is the future. It's time to get on board.

This is the perfect package for a small practice with one doctor/lawyer and one typist.

Simple to use and secure

With this system the author (doctor, lawyer, business professional) will use their smartphone as a high-quality secure audio device for dictation by using the secure encrypted SpeechLive service. 

The dictated audio will be sent instantly to the typist/transcriptionist who has their own SpeechLive account. The SpeechLive service will synchronise with the Philips speech executive dictation software which is installed on the Windows computer that the typist is using. 

Playback and typing supported by the premium quality headset and foot pedal supplied as part of this system. Once the dictation is completed it can be immediately sent back to the author as a text file attached to an email. Or you can simply use the text in a word document as per part of your normal workflow.

What are the advantages of this system compared to traditional dictation?

  • The author does not need to carry a separate bulky voice recorder. They can simply use the advanced technology of their smartphone to make recordings
  • The audio is sent and stored securely by the Philips cloud service and data is held within Australia.
  • The dictation is received immediately by your typist. Instead of having to wait for the author to dock the recorder the audio is sent immediately to the typist for processing. This results in much faster turnaround times for dictation.
  • The SpeechLive service supports web browser based transcription. That allows you to login to your SpeechLive audio from any location with a Chrome or Internet Explorer browser. So, if your typist is working from home  they can login and type. This will also allow you to assign audio to other typists.
  • Optionally you can send the dictation to the Philips transcription service or Philips speech recognition service if your typist is away or sick. This will ensure you don't have any downtime with your dictation. This is an additional cost.

Minimal Ongoing Costs

Your ongoing costs after 12 months only relate to renewing the SpeechLive subscriptions and technical support. So after making this initial investment, it is inexpensive to maintain this system @ $579 inc per year.