FlexFone FLX-10 Transcription Headset


  • Deluxe twin speaker headset.
  • Volume control and stereo/mono switch.
  • 5 ft. cord with a 3.5mm
  • Includes a HE-2. (5 ft. stereo cord extender)
  • Lightweight personal headset with a pouch for personal storage.



FlexFone FLX-10 headset was designed to be comfortable for long sessions of use. The extra lightweight FlexFone, just a trace over 1 oz., is the sound solution created for today's, on the go, digital transcribers. The ergonomically designed sound chambers of the FlexFone are dome-shaped to fit the contour of any ear while providing hours of total comfort throughout transcribing projects. Destined to be the favorite of transcriptionist's throughout the business world, the flexible, twistable construction of the FlexFone enables the user to simply tuck it away in its velvet-like drawstring pouch, designed for personal storage.

The volume control and stereo/mono switch is comfortably positioned on the extra long 10 ft. headphone cord. Transcriptionist's know that documents often vary in their level of presentation from one to another. Now, with the FlexFone headset, enunciation and articulation of words, clarity of phrases and soft spoken sentences, can effortlessly be enhanced for better listening with a volume control and mono/stereo switch conveniently positioned on the headphone cord, delivering adjustable sound levels with pristine clarity. Transcriptionist's find that the FlexFone’s controls easily put them in control with any dictation or transcription assignment.