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Product Highlights

  • Highly effective Noise Cancelling Headset in Extremely Noisy Environment
  • Digital sound enhancements with DSP technology
  • Plug and play, easy to set up and fast to deploy
  • Neodymium magnet speaker delivers fantastic and powerful sound quality 


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 It is very hard to avoid the service complaints and essential information disclosure during calls in an extremely noisy environment. With ADDASOUND’s EPIC 511/512, customers will have no such concerns. They are specifically engineered for those customers who have very high requirement of noise cancellation for better service and security, such as healthcare, banking, insurance or any other businesses where essential information is exchanged over the phone. 

Epic 511 (Monaural, Over-the-head, Dual-microphone noise-canceling, Red, 3.5mm plug and USB-A) - RED and BLACK

  • Advanced dual-microphone noise canceling technology filters out most of background noise to provide smooth call conditions with security
  • Stereo sound (Epic 512), and dynamic EQ optimize the sound quality for calls, music and multimedia
  • Convenient call controls including call answer/end, mute, volume+ and volume- 
  • Lightweight memory steel headband, rotatable ear cap and soft leatherette ear cushions provide comfortable use on a daily basis
  • Busy light indication shows the working status and prevents unnecessary interruptions 
  • ADDASOUND’s headsets follow the International Noise Safety Standards and help create a safe and comfortable work environment
  • Headset bag included for travel or home storage