1hr Remote Dragon Medical Training (or support)



Dragon is an advanced speech recognition application. It has many features and can be challenging to setup for maximum accuracy.

New users often require help to setup and configure the software to achieve optimum accuracy and results - in the shortest possible time. We can't always come to you, so we use the latest technology in remote access to assist you in setting up and training Dragon.

TeamViewer: Voice Recognition Australia uses an industry standard remote support/training application called TeamViewer. It's secure, trustworthy and we will simply email you a link so you can access the program. You will see 100% of what we do on your screen, so there no need to be concerned about this remote technology.

Voice Recognition Australia has a technical support team that has been trained by Nuance. So for an hourly fee, you will receive remote training and technical support (if needed).

We can remote train any Dragon Medical user in Australia with an internet connection. So it doesn't matter if you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart or Adelaide - we can help you with Dragon.