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BuddyMic GooseneckMic 7G USB

Product Features

  • No longer in production - Recommend New SpeechWare Microphones.
  • 30 inch flexible microphone with desk clamp
  • USB Plug and Play connectivity
  • FilteredAudio noise cancellation technology coupled with highly unidirectional microphone element
  • Great for speech recognition
  • Microphone can be secured to virtually any flat surface



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Buddy Gooseneck microphones are in use throughout the US, Canada and Europe by customers with disabilities. When used in conjunction with speech recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Microsoft Speech Recognition, the high level of clarity and accuracy allows people with mobility or dexterity issues to easily control the computer or dictate using only their voice. Many disabled customers and their families appreciate the freedom and mobility that the Buddy Gooseneck can help provide. Microphone Element Includes a unidirectional microphone element to provide clear audio signal from 1" to 9" range from the front of the element yet providing a speech signal comparable to headset microphones. This yields extremely high recognition accuracy in the high nineties with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which is comparable to good quality headsets.

  • USB Plug-and-Play microphone with a right angle USB-A connector
  • Revolutionary FilteredAudio technology coupled with unidirectional microphone, provides clear voice capture even in extremely noisy environments
  • Ideal for voice applications, such as speech recognition, dictation, transcription, Skype, Google Talk, Google Voice, net meeting, webinars and any other VoIP application
  • Works with any host that supports USB device interface. Tested to work with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS
  • Made from high-quality materials with durable and adjustable 15" (38 cm) gooseneck.

Technical Specs

Customizable Yes
Desktop Yes
Detachable Yes
Cable Height 30"
Cable Length 8'
Microphone Yes
MyBuddyMic Yes
Speaker Yes
Type Desktop


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