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SuperBeam Desktop Hands Free Microphone

What's Included:

  • Microphone: electret with directional processing acoustic structure
  • Power: through USB bus
  • Cord: 6.5 feet (2.54 meters)
  • Plug: USB Series


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Andrea SuperBeam Array Microphone

The SuperBeam microphone is a fantastic alternative to wearing a headset. If you work in a fairly quiet office environment and don't want the hassle of putting a headset on and off then the SuperBeams Array microphone technology may be the answer you have been looking for.


Advantages of the new SuperBeam computer headsets:


  • Sleek “boom free” design with digital noise cancellation technology
  • Increased convenience, no need to constantly manually position boom microphone for proper close talking operation.
  • Look more natural during video chat with no boom in front of your mouth and the ability to eat and drink during conversation/chat operation.

  • Earphone Bass Expansion

  • SuperBeam headsets employ powerful neodymium magnets in the speaker transducers providing a wide frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz. The headsets also feature a unique bass-reflex ported earphone housing design for producing deep rich bass, complementing transducer output efficiency of clear midrange and sparkling highs.

  • DSDA patented adaptive beam forming
  • The DSDA algorithm powers Andrea's SuperBeam array microphone system, enabling "Boom Free" performance. The array Mic system forms an audio pickup beam toward the users mouth and eliminates background noises that are outside of the beam.

  • PureAudio award winning noise reduction

  • Reduces repetitive background noise on both acoustic and electronic system noise. Utilized on microphone input and received audio playback. Increases the sound quality of your VOIP calls on applications such as Skype.

  • Binaural 3D surround sound recording
  • Great for recording live entertainment, music, lectures and even environmental sound samples. SuperBeam microphones are placed in close proximity to the user's left and right ears, establishing a "Real Head Transfer Function" acoustic effect. Sound arriving at each microphone is in natural phase and duplicates real ear sound capture. Headphone playback then delivers a virtual 3D surround sound experience, reproducing one's listening experience.

  • USB digital audio adapter
  • Hi-fidelity external sound card with HD quality digital sample rates. Audio compatibility for Mac and PC. Provides stereo microphone input to enable SuperBeam headsets

  • AudioCommander audio control panel
    Control of microphone beam forming and audio noise reduction enhancments. 10-band graphic equalizer with built-in presets to customize sound. Audio recorder with stereo input for SuperBeam 3D surround sound recording feature.


    Key Features


    Mic Input
    • A/D Conversion Resolution: 16 bit
    • THD+N: -84 dB
    • Supply Bias Resistor: 22k Ohm @ 3.3VDC
    • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
    • Input Range: 0-1.25 Vms
    • Dynamic Range: 95 dB
    • Record Gain Range: -6 to 33 dB

      Stereo Output

    • D/A Conversion Resolution: 16 bit
    • THD+N: -91 DB
    • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
    • Output Load: 32 Ohm
    • Output Voltage: 1.27 Vms

      SB-405 Spec Sheet

      Pure Audio Spec Sheet

      DSDA Spec Sheet


    System Requirements

    • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10
    • Works on Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.11
    • Standard USB 2.0 Port

    • 3.5mm Microphone Jack (Red)

    • 3.5mm Speaker Jack (Green)




     Recent customer feedback:

    "Hi Russell

    Thanks for recommending the SoundMax Superbeam, and for your assistance with the setup process. It works just the way I was hoping it would work. No more need for a headset. Speech recognition is surprisingly accurate.

    Kind regards
    Ed Z
    GREENWITH, South Australia"


    Ed is using Dragon 15, which has optimisations for digital array microphones - just like the superbeam. So he's getting great results.

    For best results with Dragon Speech Recognition we recommend the use of a headset, the advantage is that the audio is very consistent - as you turn your head to read or from day to day your seating position moves - a headset microphone moves with you, this makes for consistent audio which Dragon loves. The problem with desktop or handheld microphones is that as the audio source (you) moves and even a slight change in position can mean your voice sounds significantly different. The SuperBeam overcomes this issue by using an array of microphones to track your location as you move.

    Housed within the SuperBeam are an array of microphones that adapt their amplification to compensate for your changing location. While still not as accurate as a good USB or DECT headset they are a great alternative for those willing to sacrifice a small percentage of speech recognition accuracy for convenience or those with limited mobility.

    The Andrea SuperBeam comes with an Andrea USBSA Pod to ensure the best possible sound reproduction. The SuperBeam is extremely popular with Dragon and is compatible with other PC applications like Skype or MSN Messenger.




    Videos coming soon.