Students and teachers are offered a discounted price for some Dragon products. 

To take advantage of the discount you must go through a verification process before installing the software - this process normally takes 24 hours ( 2-3 days for weekend purchases) to complete though the actual form should only take you a few seconds to fill out. When you purchase a student or teacher product you will receive a piece of paper in the box which described the process you will need to follow and includes a product code. The process is also outlined below.

If for any reason you are not able to complete this verification process (ie. you do not have access to the neccessary documentation) you will need to purchase regular boxed product of Dragon or have your educational organisation purchase an educational licence on your behalf.

1. You will need to visit and fill out the online form.
2. This form requires you have both of the following:
- A valid email address that is associated with a registered educational organisation (must be a .edu or address)
- A valid and current student or teacher identification card that clearly displays the date of validity, the persons name and that of the eligible educational organisation

Once this information has been submitted you will receive an email containing a serial key for installation by email - this should occur in about 24 hours on business days - weekends will take about 2-3 days.

If any of this is unclear, please call us on 1300 255 900 before ordering (or use the Chat on the bottom right of this page).