Financial Planners dramatically increase their personal productivity and fulfill their compliance and "Best Interest” duty obligations with Dragon. 

Tony Gillet - Retirewell


1. Advice documents, file notes, working papers and fact-finding documents can be completed immediately after speaking with the client. Records will be richer and more comprehensive than ever before - by using our Dragon speech recognition system. 

2. Speaking is far more natural than typing and much faster. Be honest. You're not a great typist and you don't really enjoy typing. But you are pretty good talker due to years of interfacing with clients. Make use of your ability to dictate.

3. Professionals in the financial services industry are much more adept at speaking or dictating than typing. Some firms will employ typists, but this is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. There is simply too much work for most Financial Planners to type each day. This leads to frustration and in some cases, to inadequate and incomplete records for compliance purposes. 

4. A voice recognition software and training package will lift your productivity and help solve these compliance challenges. 

By inputting text at a far greater speed than by typing and by automating many routine documents - a Dragon software package offers the perfect solution. Financial planners routinely tell us their saving at least 90 minutes per day.

5. Your File Notes and Client Review documents can be quickly completed through Dragon - once our expert staff assesses your unique workflow and document creation procedures. Dragon will integrate into other applications, like Outlook and XPLAN - further increasing your personal efficiency.

“ Dragon technology has provided the greatest increase in my personal business productivity I've had in my entire working life."
- A. D. (TONY) GILLETT CFP® FPA Fellow CDec 
Tony Gillett is the Managing Director and founder of Brisbane-based AFSL Retirewell Financial Planning Pty Ltd

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