Dragon Speaking Reseller


As the official distributor of Dragon Voice Recognition software, and with over 21 years experience integrating Dragon into various medical practices,  law practices, businesses and government - Voice Recognition Australia will work closely with your IT service company to ensure that your clients receive the very best in service and support over the long term.

Voice Recognition Australia will work closely with you and deploy Dragon to your clients in a smooth and efficient manner, ensuring that you have control over the process and you have the confidence that we are here to back you up with our professional support staff.

We offer generous incentives for referring clients and look forward to working with you and your clients  - as many businesses transition to voice recognition technology as their primary input method.

Most importantly, we want to work with you in the long term to build a partnership where we all benefit from introducing this advanced voice to text technology.

We readily seek IT companies who have the ability to provide training and on-site support services Australia wide.

Please fill out the below form and our National Manager will contact you directly within 24 hours. You may also call 07 5613 2082.