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Dragon Medical 3.2 with Veterinary Software Add On: Mixed Animal w/Power Mic


Dragon Medical Practice 3.2 Edition - Includes Veterinary vocabulary & PowerMic III
Complete software, training & support package now available in Australia.

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Dragon Medical 3.2 with Veterinary Software Add On: Mixed Animal w/Power Mic III

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition v3.2 with Veterinary Vocabulary
Complete Package for One Doctor

This is a complete package and includes: DMPE3 Software, Veterinary Vocabulary, PowerMic III, 12 months helpdesk support, and one hour remote training.
This is a "Per Doctor" package. Each Doctor will require their own license.
Each Doctor can load it on up to four (4) Windows PC's. Dragon Medical must be installed on a full PC.
Dragon Medical will not work on a thin client PC and cannot be remotely accessed.

Why do Australian Vets choose to use Dragon Medical speech recognition in their medical practice?

By using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.2, Doctors can efficiently navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans directly into a patient’s electronic health record. This saves a lot of time and a lot of money compared to typing.

Eliminate traditional expensive transcription.
Significant cost savings over traditional manual transcription. Transcription costs can vary between $500-$5000 per month for some medical practices that have a large volume of patients. Dragon Medical will allow you to completely eliminate this old method. This means that most Doctors receive a return on investment within 1-2 months of purchase.
Richer and more accurate  records.
Doctors who dictate directly into their medical application using speech recognition create more accurate and detailed patient records. This leads to better outcomes for the patients and better outcomes for insurance and compliance purposes.
Fast Turnaround time.
Traditional transcription methods using manual typing can take between 24-hour’s and two weeks for completion. Then this has to be manually checked by the doctor which is also time-consuming. With Dragon Medical the results are instantaneous. The doctor dictates directly into the referral letter or medical application and the dictation is completed!

All of the Advantages

- Improves and compliments the leading veterinary software that you use everyday

- reduce or eliminate the need to type

- speed up your workflow and give you more time in your day

- spend less time at the computer and more time with your patients

Our veterinary software is built by our team of radiologists who have extensive experience with all modalities of veterinary teleradiology.
Brian A. Poteet, DVM, Dip. ACVR

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e-Vet Practice



Vet Office Suite

Vetter Software

VIA Veterinary Information Systems


System Requirements for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3
Please note that the install process checks that your system meets the minimum requirements. If they are not met, Dragon Medical Practice Edition will not be installed.
Minimum 4 GB for
Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, 10 32 bit
Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, 10 64 bit
8 GIG RAM is optimal
Minimum 2.4 GHz Intel Due Core or equivalent AMD processor with 2 MB processor cache supporting SSE2 instruction set.
Intel Core i5 and i7 is optimal
Faster processors yield faster performance.
Free hard disk space: 5GB
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7, 32 bit and 64 bit
Windows 8 and 8.1, 32 bit and 64 bit
Windows 10 , 32 bit and 64 bit

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