Why upgrade to Dragon Medical One? Here's why...

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Why upgrade to Dragon Medical One?

If you're serious about speed, accuracy and ease of use, then it's time to go cloud. 

Why are Australian Doctors upgrading to Dragon Medical One?


As Dragon Medical One runs on the latest and greatest voice recognition engine developed by Nuance, it features a level of accuracy much greater than previous versions. But this cannot just be attributed to it being the most up-to-date system, but also due to its cloud-based functionality. Using the cloud services of Microsoft’s Azure platform, Dragon Medical One can completely ignore your local PC’s hardware, instead using Microsoft’s powerful cloud servers to produce accurate and efficient dictation that was previously not possible.

Using Dragon Medical One, you will be able to immediately begin dictating accurately right out of the gate as it requires no vocal profile training, this includes tedious tasks like accent detection/adjustments and microphone calibrations. It also uses a single, cloud-based profile that can be accessed from any computer you have installed Dragon Medical One to. All of this is achieved using the machine-learning capabilities of cloud-based technology to ensure you spend more time dictating and less time training.


Due to Dragon Medical One’s cloud-based functionality, it is now easier than ever to have functionality between multiple devices. All that is installed locally in your computer is a small Windows Client that allows you to log into the Dragon Cloud using a username and password. As it is per-user login information, the licensing is on a per-user basis, not per computer or location. Because of this, it can be installed to as many windows computers as you want whether that be your practice computer, home office computer or hospital computer.

Bundled with this, is the Power Mic Mobile app which enables you to use your mobile phone as a wireless microphone. This can save you time setting up a microphone you have to plug in, or completely remove the need to carry around a microphone altogether.

These factors enable Dragon Medical One to be the most flexible and portable Dragon release thus far, allowing you to save more time and streamline your workflow to increased heights.

Ease of use

Now that Dragon Medical One is cloud-based, it is easier than ever to get installed and running smoothly. It is a simple download installation with no fuss or special configurations. This gets you running and dictating into your medical records in less than five minutes from the moment of installation.

If assistance is necessary with your installation, we can remotely install Dragon Medical One for you and get you dictating faster. One of our consultants will configure your Dragon Medical One to suit your requirements and will provide you with the necessary training to ensure your success with the system.

Are you ready to streamline your dictation and get working on the cloud?

dragon medical one upgrade
dragon medical one upgrade

UPGRADE to Dragon Medical One


LAST CHANCE to Upgrade from Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2/3/4. All upgrades end on June 20, 2024

  • Save $300 this EOFY.
  • Dragon Medical One (DMO) cloud & PowerMic Mobile access for one year
  • Includes user training, setup & and tech support
  • Use the included PowerMic Mobile Smartphone app.
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition has reached end-of-life and is unsupported. DMPE is not compatible with Windows 10/11.
  • Annual renewal cost after first year is $1490 inc gst.


Why upgrade to DMO from Dragon Medical Practice Edition?

  • Lightning fast cloud based dictation. Much easier to use.
  • Most accurate medical speech-to-text in the world.
  • No limit on the number of computers DMO may be installed on.
  • Constant upgrades to system in cloud. Improved accuracy and features.
  • No need for backup of any voice/vocabulary data since it's in the cloud.
  • Your customized voice profile follows you wherever you go. 
  • Load on your server for remote RDC access from anywhere.
  • Use your smartphone as a wireless microphone. No need to buy a microphone. Or use existing PowerMic.
  • Support is no longer available for the older Dragon Medical Practice System. This means if you have a problem with your old Dragon you will have dictation downtime until DMO is installed. Get ahead of this potential issue by upgrading to DMO today.

Dragon Medical One Cloud System:

dragon medical one
  • Dragon Medical One Cloud service 1 year package
  • PowerMic Mobile App 12 months Subscription to the (android/iPhone) which enables you to use your smartphone as a wireless microphone. (see Video Demo)
  • One Hour remote training via TeamViewer for installation, configuration and training.
  • Unlimited technical support 12 Months - Australian based
  • Access to our subscriber only YouTube training videos. (currently at over 1 million views). 
  • Your previous Dragon Medical Practice Edition will be uninstalled and deactivated to validate this upgrade (confirmation via email).
  • Annual renewal cost is $1490 inc gst.

Upgrade from the old Dragon Medical Practice Edition to Next Level Speech Recognition

You deserve the highest level of accuracy and don't wanting to get bogged down with complex menus and functions you will never use. So, now consider the latest technology from Nuance - Dragon Medical One. Built from the ground up and intended for all medical professionals, this cloud-based software offers an amazing set of features.

  • Accuracy: Most accurate medical speech recognition available
  • Speed: Despite being on cloud, similar to prior Dragon versions in terms of speed
  • Cloud-based: Minimal impact on your computer as the power of cloud based computing does the heavy lifting.
  • Simplicity: Compared to older versions of Dragon there is no need for voice training and there is automatic detection of accents.
  • Intuitive user interface: Easy to learn.
  • Automatically updates: You will always have the most current version as the cloud system constantly receives updates and newer technology.


Single voice profile wherever you go
Remember how you had to export and copy your old DMPE voice profile from PC to PC? That a thing of the past. Cloud technology centralises your voice profile for access from any computer at any time. A single cloud-based voice profile means clinicians are up and running immediately across clinical work-flows, care settings, devices, and apps. This seamless, consistent, and personalised voice experience across back-end, front-end, on-premise and cloud-based speech solutions lets clinicians easily work between desktops, mobile devices and new tools outside of the EHR.

Easy to use
Meet, and even exceed, EHR adoption and satisfaction goals. Once installed, clinicians simply open the client app, place the cursor where they want speech-recognized text to appear, and start dictating directly into the EHR.

Designed with virtualization in mind
Deploy through your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), as a virtual app, or install on any local workstation or laptop in just minutes without the need for complex configurations—and automatic updates mean less work for your IT staff and less hassle for your clinicians.

Healthcare compliant
Your speech-related data is securely communicated over 256-bit encryption channels using TLS protocols into Epic®, Cerner®, eClinicalWorks, athenahealth®, MEDITECH®, GE®, McKesson® and dozens of other popular EHRs.

How does DMO Work?

A lightweight DMO app is installed on your Windows computer. A subscription per user is required.
(The system is not currently compatible with a Mac OSX operating system.)

Dragon Medical One is a floating dictation interface that transfers text into your medical records software such as Genie, best practice, medical director, Shexie and any other medical records program.

You can use your mobile phone as a wireless microphone. The PowerMic mobile app on your phone will allow you to control and transmit audio from your phone into your Windows environment.

The PowerMic app is not a portable dictation system but in fact a wireless microphone. This means you can move from computer to computer within your practice or hospital and easily dictate into any Windows terminal without carrying a separate microphone.

If you are hosting your medical record software on a Windows server then we can install Dragon Medical one on the server.

When you dictate into the PowerMic mobile phone application the text will appear on the server making this very convenient and secure.

You can install Dragon Medical One on as many Windows environments as you need. There is no limit.

Voice training is not required. Dragon Medical one uses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically determine your accent model and acoustic dictation style. Dragon Medical One it will continue to adapt this within the cloud improving accuracy continuously. The training you will receive is instruction on how to use the service and get the most from it.

The cloud will also store your unique vocabulary which sits on top of one of the medical specialties which you select when you log into the system.

 Video Demo


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