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Olympus and Philips professional digital voice recorders are the industry standard for medical and legal professionals. For those who want to optimise their productivity levels when using their Dragon voice recognition software, the Olympus voice recorder works wonders. New to voice recorders? - How does digital transcription work? Call 1300 255 900 for expert advice on Digital Voice Recorders and transcription kits. 

A high quality voice recorder will allow you to dictate and have your thoughts captured at any time as high quality digitally recorded secure audio files. These voice recordings can be sent directly to typing staff who can process them manually by typing or feed them directly into Dragon voice recognition. Voice recorders are essential for any medical or legal professionals who need to be mobile with their dictation.

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        Philips DVT8010 Voice Tracer meeting recorder

        Product Highlights Record in PCM (WAV) or MP3 Formats Internal 8GB Memory and microSD Support Low-Noise, Three-Microphone System Includes Condenser Boundary Microphone Auto Adjust and Auto Zoom Audio Settings ---- Voice- or Timer-Activated Recording 1.77" Backlit LCD Color Display Built-In 28mm Speaker 1/8" (3.5mm) Headphone Output USB 2.0, Mac OS...