TeamViewer Remote Dragon Naturally Speaking Training

Dragon NaturallySpeaking remote training is available Australia wide.
This is a cost-effective and efficient way of learning to use the Dragon speech recognition application.

Order remote training right now. We can book your training immediately.
Call 1300 255 900 if you have any questions.

Having trained hundreds of users on Dragon NaturallySpeaking via this remote training service, we highly recommend this approach to as a cost-effective solution for Dragon training.
We use the well respected and reliable TeamViewer remote application to conduct the training.
Voice recognition Australia has a professional license of the TeamViewer software and simply needs the trainee to download a small application via our special TeamViewer link.
We will only have remote access to your computer during the training when you can observe everything we do while training. Once we complete the training, we closed the TeamViewer program and no longer have access to your computer. You are completely secure.
Usually, two hours training is sufficient, broken into two separate one-hour sessions. Usually, the sessions are split by about three weeks. This will allow you to implement the training you have learned during the first training session.
In the second session, we can cover advanced features of Dragon and answer any questions that you may have developed whilst using Dragon over the past few weeks.
We find this to be very effective and it usually allows Dragon users to be operating almost completely autonomously using speech recognition once the second session is complete.
This results in very good personal productivity improvements for the individual user.
So it doesn’t matter if you’re in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin or Canberra we can quickly provide the professional training that you need to become more productive using your speech recognition software.

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        1 Hour Remote Dragon Training

        Dragon is an advanced speech recognition application. It has many features and can be challenging to setup for maximum accuracy. New users often require help to setup and configure the software to achieve optimum accuracy and results - in the shortest possible time. We can't always come to you, so...

        Dragon Train the Trainer Package - Learning Support Teachers

        Package: 2 Hour Remote Train-the-Trainer (by Jim Sprialis) - $399 Add this to your School's Dragon Lab pack for maximum value ---- Voice Recognition Australia will train Learning Support teachers, so that they can induct and train new students in the use of Dragon.This specialised package will greatly reduce the cost...