Dragon Professional 16 Review

Dragon Professional 16: Boost Your Productivity with the Latest Speech Recognition Technology

If you're looking for a speech-to-text software that can help you complete tasks quickly and accurately, then Dragon Professional 16 is your go-to solution. This latest version of the popular software, developed by Nuance, builds on the success of its predecessors, Dragon Professional 13/1415, to provide even greater accuracy and flexibility. So, what's new in Dragon Professional 16, and how can it help you get more done?

dragon professional 16

Improved Accuracy, Enhanced Compatibility

One of the most significant upgrades in Dragon Professional 16 is Completely updated and revamped speech engine which improves accuracy and compatibility with all programs including Windows 11 And Microsoft teams.. This improvement means that you can dictate your text more quickly and confidently than ever before. Moreover, you can use Dragon Professional 16 with a built-in laptop microphone or an external mic, which allows you to dictate directly into the Google Chrome browser or MS Edge. 

Dragon Professional 16 also supports dictation into blog posts and social media status updates, as well as any text app you use, from basic documents and spreadsheets to presentations and business emails. You can even speak your web searches and automate many common business processes. All of these features contribute to a faster, more comfortable, and efficient way of working.

Dragon 16 Licencing

Dragon Professional 16 is the enterprise-ready version of the software that can make your office the "productivity central." Although licensing is still "per person," you can now install your Professional software on up to four computers, giving you greater flexibility than the Premium version that only allows for one computer use. Dragon Professional also includes a larger vocabulary and additional network features to further enhance your productivity.

Loaded with Features and Benefits

Dragon Professional 16 comes packed with features and benefits that make your work faster and more efficient:

Higher productivity. When you use voice recognition software like Dragon Professional, you can complete dictation up to three times faster than typing, with up to 99% accuracy. This high level of recognition helps you create reports, presentations, and spreadsheets more quickly and efficiently, enhancing your workflow.

Efficient document creation. With Dragon Professional 16, you can create documents quickly and accurately. The software can learn from existing documents to build its vocabulary and even supports several accents, including Australian.

Intuitive commands. The built-in macro system allows you to automate commonly used text, such as specific email signatures. With command shortcuts, you can create a simple voice command to be used for common or recurring tasks. For example, you can say "New Client" to signal Dragon Professional to open the existing sales lead management tool. Other commands include logging into a website automatically by voice, clicking on specific buttons in your favorite program, and turning a mouse-click "heavy" program into a voice-operated, hands-free program. You can also move amongst input fields by voice to populate forms and databases rapidly.

Custom words. Dragon Professional 16 allows you to create custom words such as names, acronyms, industry-specific terms, and other proper nouns, which can be easily shared across the network with other users in the company. This feature saves time and ensures consistency across the organization.

Transcription features. With Dragon's transcription capabilities, you can dictate on the fly and transcribe back at your PC, with the software automatically transcribing audio files into text. Dragon Professional 16 supports a Nuance-endorsed digital voice recorder that allows for advanced recording functionality. You can even use the free Dragon Recorder app with any compatible iOS device.

Accuracy. Precision and accuracy are crucial for success in business, and Dragon Professional 16 delivers. Even when using a device's built-in microphone, you can expect up to triple your input speed over manual typing.

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