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How to choose a Dragon microphone:

1. Headset, desktop or handheld? What is your preference?
2. Wireless or corded?
3. What is your budget?
4. Level of noise-canceling required.

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        SpeechWare 6-in-1 USB TableMike

        Experience unparalleled clarity and precision with the NEW SpeechWare USB 6-in-1 TableMike , an award-winning desktop microphone engineered for exceptional speech recognition (Dragon) and dictation performance. Designed for both professional and enthusiast use, the TableMike offers unmatched functionality in a driverless, plug-and-play device compatible with Windows and MacOS. ---- Key...

        SpeechWare 3-in-1 USB TableMike

        Enhance your dictation accuracy with the innovative SpeechWare 3-in-1 USB TableMike. Engineered for superior performance, it provides exceptional sound pickup within a 50 cm range, ensuring your voice is captured with clarity and precision, even in noisy environments. Premium voice input into Dragon and other voice to text applications. ----...

        USB TravelMike with Base & Hub

        Elevate your mobile dictation experience with the revolutionary TravelMike, the world's most compact desktop microphone designed specifically for laptops and notebooks. This cutting-edge device boasts the same outstanding performance as the larger TableMikes but in the smallest format ever introduced in the new category of portable microphones. Offering versatility for...

        SpeechWare FlexyMike Dual Ear Cardioid Microphone

        The FlexyMike Dual Ear Cardioid delivers superior accuracy with its cardioid capsule, flexible gooseneck boom, adjustable headband frame, and collapsable ear-hooks. At only 22.5 g / 0.8 oz, it is lightweight and comfortable - perfect for professional teleworking, podcasting, speech recognition, and more. The optional USB Adapter and USB MultiAdapter...

        SpeechWare USB KeyboardMike

        The SpeechWare USB KeyboardMike is the world's first desktop microphone that attaches to both your keyboard and monitor, in a compact and portable format. It offers identical performance as the award-winning TableMikes and TravelMikes, but with the added convenience of a 20 cm flexible microphone boom for normal range dictation,...