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dragon medical one
Next Generation Cloud dictation has now arrived with Dragon Medical One

Dragon Medical One is the most powerful medical grade voice recognition software in the world. With up to 99% accuracy, Dragon Medical will allow you to dictate directly into your medical records program such as Genie, Medical Director, Best Practice, Shexie, and all other medical records program.

dragon medical one

All Dragon Medical packages include training,
where we integrate and configure Dragon Medical to work within your medical records program. By dictating directly into your medical records you can rapidly improve the efficiency of your clinic. You no longer spend hours each night typing your clinical notes and referral letters. You no longer have to dictate into a digital voice recorder and pass that to staff for typing or for outsourced transcription at great expense.

Artificial intelligence built into Dragon Medical
mimics the way the human brain recognises and learns speech allowing software to continuously adapt to your voice, medical specialty and accent.

Dragon Medical has many specialised vocabulary models.
This means that it is highly focused on your unique medical specialty - Dragon Medical understand your medical terminology and drug names.
We have several packages available which will eliminate your need for external typing services or any need for you to type at all. 

Call our Dragon Medical specialist directly now on 07 5391 1303 or 1300 255 900

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