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Wearing a headset is not something that agrees with everyone. If you work in a fairly quiet working environment and would prefer dictating without the hassle of wearing something over your head constantly, then buying a hands-free desktop USB microphone might be the option for you.

Selected for their compatibility with voice recognition software in general and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 in particular, our desktop USB microphones are sourced from top manufacturers like SuperBeam and Acoustic Magic to give you the clearest and most accurate voice recognition experience possible.

Buy online with us today to be sure of the best quality desktop USB microphones at very competitive prices.

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        SuperBeam Desktop Hands Free Microphone

        What's Included: Microphone: electret with directional processing acoustic structure Power: through USB bus Cord: 6.5 feet (2.54 meters) Plug: USB Series  ---- Andrea SuperBeam Array Microphone The SuperBeam microphone is a fantastic alternative to wearing a headset. If you work in a fairly quiet office environment and don't want the...

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        VEC SoundTech GN-USB-2 Gooseneck Desktop Microphone

        Features: Plug n Play Noise cancelling On/Off LED indicator Detachable USB A~B cable 16 inch adjustable neck - total of 18 inches neck length ---- This microphone is perfect for pathologists or other medical professionals who cannot use their hands to hold a microphone. Also highly convenient for legal and...

        Buddy DesktopMic 7G

        Product Features USB Plug-and-Play comes with 8′ (2.5m) A to B USB detachable cable, does not require cumbersome drivers or software Revolutionary FilteredAudioTM technology coupled with unidirectional microphone, provides clear voice capture even in extremely noisy environments Ideal for voice applications, such as speech recognition, dictation, transcription, Skype®, Google Talk®,...

        Acoustic Magic II USB microphone

        We accept Special Orders  Product Highlights 100 Hz to 11.3 kHz Frequency Range 6x Mics Provide Automatic Vocal Tracking Acoustic Echo Cancellation Algorithm 48 kHz Sample Rate over USB Comprehensive Noise Reduction ----   Supports VoIP Conferencing DB9 for Digital Location Pinpointing   Acoustic Magic VoiceTracker II USB Array Microphone...

        Dragon Pro 15 & Digital Desktop Microphone

        PACKAGE INCLUDES: Dragon Professional 15 Single User (digital download) VEC USB-2 Desktop Digital Microphone (USB Corded) ---- This package is highly suitable for financial planners, business people and executives. Please select the optional training if you are unfamiliar with the Dragon program. Training will make your transition to voice to text...

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        BuddyMic GooseneckMic 7G USB

        Product Features 30 inch flexible microphone with desk clamp USB Plug and Play connectivity FilteredAudio noise cancellation technology coupled with highly unidirectional microphone element Great for speech recognition Microphone can be secured to virtually any flat surface  ---- Buddy Gooseneck microphones are in use throughout the US, Canada and Europe...

        Dragon Legal 15 - Desktop Microphone & Training Package

        This package includes: Dragon Professional Individual Legal 15 (download) 1 hour of remote training using TeamViewer 12 months helpdesk support delivered via email/phone/TeamViewer  VEC Desktop digital microphone $300 Off Sale ends this week  ---- Spend less time on documentation and more time serving clients. Designed with an all-new, next-generation speech engine...

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        Acoustic Magic VoiceTracker I

        Product Highlights 100 Hz to 11.3 kHz Frequency Range Automatic Vocal Tracking Selectable Steering Limits Two-Stage Noise Reduction Technology ----   5-Position Light Indicator Microphone Tilt Capabilities   AcousticMagic Voice Tracker I The Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker is a fantastic array microphone for use in a variety of applications. In...

        Micker Pro - All In One Microphone & Speaker

        Product Highlights: All-in-one design, no cables, no wireless connection needed, no interference problems Crisp, clear amplified voice No feedback with integrated noise suppressor Comfortable ergonomic grip with convenient one touch button volume control  ---- Description: The Micker Pro is a new concept portable microphone with a built-in speaker that amplifies...