New Microphones for Dragon, Zoom and Teams

The latest state-of-the-art noise cancelling digital microphones are listed here to ensure that your voice recognition is as accurate as possible. Due to the high fidelity and digital sound processing qualities of these microphones theyse make excellent headset/microphone for use within Microsoft teams, zoom and other online microphone headset for zoom or teams


It's hard to listen carefully to a caller and gather essential information during in an extremely noisy environment. With ADDASOUND's EPIC 511/512, customers will have no such concerns. They are specifically engineered for those customers who have very high requirements of noise cancellation for better service and security, such as healthcare, banking, insurance or any other businesses where essential information is exchanged over the phone.


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        EPIC 511 ADDASOUND Wired USB Headset Microphone

        Product Highlights Highly effective Noise Cancelling Headset in Extremely Noisy Environment Digital sound enhancements with DSP technology Plug and play, easy to set up and fast to deploy Neodymium magnet speaker delivers fantastic and powerful sound quality    ----- Overview  It is very hard to avoid the service complaints and essential information...

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