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Winscribe Dictation - End of Life

With support for the cloud-based version of Winscribe – also known as Dragon Medical workflow manager - at its end and the on-premises version also scheduled to reach end of life at the end of June 2024, what are the key challenges that existing Winscribe users will face? The clock is ticking with only weeks to go to find an alternative medical transcription system. But don’t stress too much, massive advances in speech recognition, cloud technology, artificial intelligence have brought a replacement which is far more advanced , easier to use and includes Dragon Medial One.


As healthcare systems increasingly embrace digital transformations, the demand for advanced transcription solutions that align with this technological shift becomes imperative. Amplify+, developed by Voice Recognition Australia, emerges as a next-generation, cloud-based transcription system, specifically engineered for large-scale hospital and clinical use.

Amplify plus isn’t just a replacement for WinScribe it’s a complete new next-generation AI enhanced cloud-based medical transcription system for Australian hospitals and clinics. Amplify+ is far more advanced, makes use of the latest artificial intelligence technology, integrates Dragon Medical one, is far less expensive than WinScribe and as a completely cloud-based system is accessible from anywhere.

The end-of-life of traditional systems like Winscribe signals a crucial transition period for healthcare organisations, prompting the need for a more advanced solution. Amplify+ distinguishes itself by being not just a replacement but a significant upgrade, leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of medical transcription.

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Positioned as a co-sourcing solution, Amplify+ seamlessly integrates into existing hospital infrastructures, supporting a hybrid workflow where both AI-driven and human transcription processes coexist. This integration ensures high flexibility and scalability, allowing the system to adapt to the dynamic needs of large medical facilities.

The core of Amplify+ lies in its AI-enhanced capabilities, which include sophisticated speech recognition tailored to the unique lexicon of medical language. This feature drastically reduces errors and improves the speed of transcription, a critical factor in environments where timely patient documentation can significantly impact clinical outcomes.

Moreover, being a cloud-based system, Amplify+ offers unparalleled accessibility. Medical professionals can dictate notes from anywhere, be it at the bedside or in the field, and instantly upload them to the cloud, where they are securely processed and integrated into electronic medical records (EMR).

In addition to its technical merits, Amplify+ is backed by robust support and training services provided by Voice Recognition Australia. This ensures a smooth transition for healthcare facilities upgrading from legacy systems like Winscribe, minimising downtime and enhancing user adoption.

The future-proof nature of Amplify+ makes it an ideal choice for healthcare institutions seeking to invest in a transcription solution that not only meets contemporary demands but also anticipates future developments in healthcare technology.

For a comprehensive understanding of how Amplify+ can revolutionise your hospital’s transcription processes, visit Voice Recognition Australia’s website and delve into our extensive resources on medical transcription.


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