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Dragon Medical One - General Practice Medical Records: Best Practice

dragon medical one

Doctor Catherine Foley's review of
Dragon Medical One:

I first tried Dragon Medical One when I broke my collarbone on my dominant side, a couple of years ago. It has been game changing.

I can write more comprehensive notes more accurately. Over time I have learnt to use it better.

It is particularly helpful in writing reports. I find it is quicker to dictate , and the referral letters from myself and colleagues that use the software are more comprehensive and appreciated by the recipient.

 I feel that my notes are more medicolegally safe using this software. I found the support excellent. I would encourage all individual doctors, practices, and other organisations, such as hospitals, to consider this useful and well tested tool to improve notes and outcomes and improve efficiencies.

 I have noticed that Doctors for whom English is not their first language and those with a degree of dyslexia have found it particularly helpful.

I’m 54 and my generation was not one that learnt typing in school, nor that grew up with computers.

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