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Dragon Medical Software Saves Time and Money

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is saving Australian Doctors Transcription costs

More and more medical professionals in Sydney, Canberra and in fact Australia-wide are adopting the use of voice recognition software in their offices and clinics.

Next to knowledge and experience, most patients will say that quality time spent with their doctor is the most important thing to them.  Doctors also recognise the benefits of spending additional time with patients.

Voice Recognition Software, particularly Dragon Medical Practice Edition, can eliminate the need for transcriptionists – or at the very least radically cut transcription costs – and the painful two to three day wait required to transcribe.  Even more time and money is spent if the transcriptionist has questions for the doctor or makes a mistake.

Medical records have become real time through the use of electronic health record and are easily accessible, eliminating the need to search paper files for available records.  But the cost of transcribing medical records can be staggering.  At an average of seventeen to twenty cents per line, some medical practices are spending six figure sums in transcribing costs alone in Australia.

Most medical professionals are not typists, so a lot of time is saved by using Dragon Medical – speech recognition is about three times faster than typing.  Doctors using voice recognition will usually input a lot more detail about the patient into the record. When manually typing doctor will often shorten the diagnoses or even omit “what if” information – due to their slow typing. A richer, more detailed patient file or referral letter often leads to better outcomes for the patient and provides greater protection if a diagnosis is challenged or reviewed.

With a 99% accuracy rate, Dragon Medical Practice is a win-win for both the physician and the patient.

And as for longhand hand-written notes, often unclear or even illegible – forget about it!  Mistakes and misinterpretations are common and this can lead to serious issues for the patient. Dragon Medical eliminates this issue.

Voice Recognition Australia’s medical customers have been pleased with the ease of using the Dragon Medical Practice software.  Many have reported expertise in using this system in just a few  hours.  Noting of course that most of them have purchased professional services – not just the software. Help desk support, training, onsite systems integration with their medical practice software and expert  advice are critical to the success of speech recognition in your practice.

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