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Dragon Dictate for Mac 4 Makes Work and Life Easier

People from all walks of life are using voice recognition software to make life and work easier than ever. Reasons for using voice recognition software can vary, from improving efficiency at work to having an easy way to take notes or dictate the great American novel. There are some who use voice recognition software because they have an injury or disability and cannot type. Most favor the software because it’s simply faster and more efficient than typing.

The New Dragon Dictate  for Mac

The new Dragon Dictate  is loaded with many new features and abilities. There are new transcribing features as well as faster, more accurate voice recognition, overall higher performance and improved management capabilities. It also comes bundled with MacSpeech Scribe OS X, an app which allows users to transcribe text from pre-recorded audio files. The user now has the ability to control a Gmail inbox within Firefox, Safari or Apple’s Pages 4.3 as well.

The Dragon Dictate user now has the ability to create voice commands for automating certain tasks. The software learns user preferences when formatting dates, titles, numbers, corrections and customizing vocabulary. The software is more intelligent, adaptable and accurate than ever, and it becomes even more so as it “learns” user preferences. Software maker Nuance’s chief marketing officer Peter Mahoney has called this version of Dragon Dictate “the most complete voice experience” for the Mac today.
Making Life Easier

Dragon Dictate software allows people from all walks of life to save time and be more productive at work, school, home, or while traveling. Dictation speeds can be as much as three times faster than typing. Dragon Dictate 4 for Mac is a pure 64-bit application with improved memory management capabilities and higher performance than previous versions. The new Dragon Dictate also allows you to access Gmail with just a few simple voice commands. Dragon Dictate includes Full Text Control in Gmail, enabling you to mix talking and typing with the ability to edit and format text with voice commands.

Dragon Dictate for Mac also comes with new, powerful features from Nuance MacSpeech Scribe. This effectively creates a single voice offering that transcribes not only your own voice, but also single-speaker, pre-recorded audio files in a range of different formats like .mp3, .mp4 and .wav. This new capacity offers a fast, easy and accurate way to transcribe text. It is ideal for students, writers, educators, business executives, field workers, or any other user who wants to access content from a single speaker’s voice. It’s ideal for transcribing podcasts, audio from video or other distinct formats. For example, a field worker can transcribe interview recordings directly from a smartphone or digital recorder. Students and teaching assistants can record school lectures and easily convert them to text.

Intelligent and Adaptive

Dragon Dictate for Mac creates a personalized voice experience with its ability to create customized vocabularies as it recognizes words, phrasing and names that the user speaks the most. Users may also create customized voice commands to automate tasks. Smart Format Rules detect and store your preferred formats for dates, titles, numbers and more. Dragon Dictate also remembers corrections and will adapt to your formatting preferences. Best of all, Dragon gets even more intelligent and accurate every time you use it.


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