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Dragon Medical One - Cardiology
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dragon medical one

Doctor Vance Manin's review of
Dragon Medical One:

"Dragon Medical One has had a profound influence to the good of our clinics and medical practice.

Dragon Medical One has improved our delivery of consultation reports and letters to our referrers. Dragon Medical one has eliminated unnecessary secretarial typing time, freeing up our front office staff to perform more important duties including face-to-face time with patients, responding to phone calls, accounts and other administrative tasks.

Instituting Dragon voice recognition in the last 12 months has allowed us to completely clear the backlog of letters to our referrers. Our ability to respond in writing and communicate clinical information in a timely manner, often same day, to our referrers has led to improved referrer satisfaction as well as better clinical practice.

As a busy private Cardiology practice, we feel investing in Dragon Medical One has greatly improved our service to patients and referrers."

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