Australia sets focus on medical innovation
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Australia sets focus on medical innovation

Voice recognition isn't the only advancement that is changing the face of medical practice. As technology developments emerge on a constant basis, Australia is keeping pace, as seen in a number of recent reports.

New funding to increase research and innovation

The passing of the "Medical Research Future Fund" bill has marked the start of a new period of medical research in Australia.

With a staggering $1 billion offered in the initial launch, followed by regular annual injections later down the line, the government is confident that the fund will establish Australia as a global leader in medical research.

The bill is also aiming to initiate "game changing" innovations, with a focus on providing a better quality of care to all Australian citizens. Careful consideration has been made into how the funds will be divided amongst the various health institutes across Australia. An independent expert advisory board will continue to consult with community representatives to determine the correct distribution of funds. 

3D printing offers advances across medical professions

A new start-up company has come up with a clever solution to improve the treatment of sleep apnoea using 3D printing, according to August 27 article in The Australian. 

Bespoke Medical Innovations has created a device that  can be customised to perfectly fit an individual's face. The adaptor is designed to fit into a regular CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) mask to offer a more comfortable fit and improve the sleeping habits of those who suffer from the condition.

Managing Director Darren Churchill is hoping this invention will improve the usability of the system, stating that 30 to 50 per cent of users gave up on the CPAP pretty quickly.

Another 3D printing company is looking to expand its horizons, with a partnership to extend its offering to overseas markets. 

3D Medical Limited recently announced a deal with Intelerad to deliver a combined service of 3D printed anatomical models and fulfilment services. This is expected to improve the ease of access to advanced models.

"By enabling radiologists to order high-quality models from 3DM directly from within InteleViewer, we are not only helping to raise the quality of care available, but doing so in manner that is both easy and efficient for the clinician," said Chris Henri, chief technology officer at Intelerad.

With different innovations shaking up the medical sector, Dragon Medical One can offer a reliable solution to improve record-keeping and transcribing tasks. No matter how the future of medicine turns out, this technology will provide benefits for a long period of time

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