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Prescribe Digital Partners Exclusively with Voice Recognition Australia to Transform Australian Healthcare Documentation with Amplify+®

Sydney, Australia – 26/06/2024

Prescribe Digital, pioneer in healthcare technology, has announced an exclusive partnership with Voice Recognition Australia to promote and distribute Amplify+®, their AI-powered clinical documentation workflow solution, to hospitals and medical clinics across Australia.

This strategic partnership aims to revolutionise Australia's medical healthcare market by introducing scalable, speech-enabled AI-powered documentation solutions that can significantly improve efficiency and accuracy, from small practices to major hospitals.

Mark Frost, Managing Director at Prescribe Digital, stated:

 "Amplify+® is not just a solution; it's a transformation in how healthcare workflows are managed. Running on Microsoft Azure, it provides a seamless, integrated experience with the benefit of Dragon Medical One and the latest AI technology. Amplify+® represents a quantum leap in clinical documentation technology, addressing the increasing demand for efficient and accurate clinical correspondence at an affordable price."

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Key benefits of Amplify+® include:

• Enhanced accuracy through advanced speech recognition, AI and natural language processing
• Significantly improved efficiency for clinicians, freeing up more time for patient care
• Seamless integration with existing electronic medical record systems
• Unparalleled scalability, allowing easy expansion from small clinics to large hospital networks
• Cost-effective implementation compared to competitor products
• End-to-end AI-powered efficiency
• Zero client installation for hassle-free onboarding
• Pre-built templates for all outpatient departments
• Integration with all major EHR platforms

Russell Bewsell, Managing Director of Voice Recognition Australia, commented:
"Large hospitals and clinics in Australia urgently need clinical documentation solutions that can keep pace with increasing patient loads and regulatory requirements. Amplify+®'s scalability and AI-driven efficiency make it uniquely positioned to meet this challenge.

"The partnership comes as Amplify+® was recently selected by New South Wales Health for deployment across 41 local health districts, representing one of the largest implementations of AI in clinical documentation in Australia.

Voice Recognition Australia will leverage its 24+ years of experience in the Australian healthcare market to drive rapid adoption of Amplify+® across public and private healthcare providers, focusing on larger institutions where the impact on efficiency can be most transformative.Amplify+® runs on Microsoft Azure, ensuring data is encrypted to the highest standards for medical use. This robust infrastructure allows for rapid, secure deployment across healthcare networks of any size.

For more information on how Amplify+® can transform clinical documentation in your healthcare facility:
visit Amplify+ medical transcription  or call 1300 255 900.

Voice Recognition Australia: Voice Recognition Australia has over 25 years of experience delivering advanced voice recognition systems to healthcare providers, with a proven track record of enhancing clinical documentation processes across hospitals and clinics. Our deep-rooted partnerships with state and federal governments and numerous healthcare facilities underscore our commitment to improving patient care through innovative technology solutions. 

Prescribe Digital has been an integral part of clinical correspondence workflows within the NHS and hospitals worldwide including Australia and New Zealand, since 2005. Their solutions enable clinicians and administrative staff to maximise their time and do more of what matters – delivering patient care.

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