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Voicepoint Helium Addon (Dragon Medical One for Mac OS)

New  DMO for Apple macOS. Add-on to your existing DMO subscription.
Launch price is $150 Off until June 30.

  • Compatible with both Intel and Apple silicon for Mac OS.
  • Helium brings Dragon Medical One Direct to MacOS.
  • Use Your AirPods, Webcam, or other microphone for input.
  • Helium is not compatible with your PowerMic Mobile App.
  • Annual subscription. Minimum 1 year.
  • An active DMO licence with Voice Recognition Australia is required.

$669.00 $569.00



What's in the Box?

  • 1 x Voicepoint Helium Dragon Medical One Addon License - 1 year

All the power of Nuance's Dragon Medical One

Voicepoint Helium is a cloud-based solution that has been specially developed for macOS and uses Nuance’s Dragon Medical One speech recognition technology. Thanks to its artificial intelligence and the included extensive specialist vocabulary, Voicepoint Helium offers maximum recognition accuracy, both for medical and general texts. To ensure optimum recognition and full functionality, doctors use the dictation window and transfer text into the desired destination system, for example a practice or hospital information system. This saves time, shortens processing times and reduces demands on staff.

Hosted locally for maximum security

Like all other Voicepoint cloud solutions, its speech recognition for macOS is hosted in Australian Azure data centres in Melbourne and Sydney. This allows users to work with the same speech profile on both Windows and macOS and user-specific terms and corrections are available straightaway on both systems, regardless of location. No major investment is required thanks to its software-as-a-service model and users benefit from Voicepoint’s guaranteed availability, security and performance. Voicepoint Helium is available as foreground speech recognition.

Extensive medical vocabularies for efficient notes

Specialist vocabularies developed by Voicepoint ensure the highest level of accuracy for both medical and general texts. User-specific auto-texts can also be created with variables for productive working. This allows specialists to benefit from significant time savings in terms of medical documentation and general correspondence, leaving them valuable free time to treat patients.

* You must have an active DMO subscription with Voice Recognition Australia before ordering. Please call if you are unsure.

Supported Apple Mac OS and models:
Apple Mac models with M1/M2/M3 and Intel processors.
Supported microphones:
Nuance PowerMic 4, AirPods, Webcam, Olympus RecMic, Philips SpeechMike Pro, Premium 3700, Philips SpeechMike Premium Air 4000
Supported operating systems: macOS Sonoma (v14) macOS Ventura (v13) macOS Monterey (v12)