If you are having connection issues with the PowerMic Mobile App then follow the below instructions to resolve. 

To pair your PowerMic Mobile it is best to bring up our configuration website on your phone directly rather than through the email link. 

Firstly, make sure that the PowerMic mobile is the microphone source on your Dragon Medical One computer installation.  

You can make this microphone choice when you login or through the Dragon menu bar.
When the PowerMic mobile is selected, the microphone icon on the Dragon bar will be orange in colour.             

Now complete the following:

1. Uninstall the PowerMic app from your smart phone

2. Go to the PowerMic Configuration page here.

3. Re-Install the PowerMic app as per the instructions on the above page.

4. Reconfigure the PowerMic app buy clicking Link 2 "auto-configure your PowerMic Mobile account."

5. If the Auto configure fails, watch this manual configuration video. (also below)

 6. If you need more help please use the form at the bottom of the support webpage.