On-site Dragon Software Training 
Dragon Dictate

Voice Recognition Australia offers an expert Dragon user training service to get your staff working efficiently and effectively with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. You just made an investment in speech recognition and need to realise results from that investment as quickly as possible. We have 15 years experience training government, corporate and educational clients.

Peter is an avid Dragon user and has recently written a book:

"For a number of years during my employment with DFAT  (1989-2004) I was assisted in use of Dragon dictate by Russell Bewsell. I was one of the first persons employed by DFAT to use this software and use of this technology had a major impact in facilitating my work owing to a long-standing overuse injury. The assistance provided by Russell in using this software was always of the very highest quality.  I would keep a note of particular queries and Russell would visit me in the Department and systematically work through my queries. This allowed me to use this software with minimal interruption to my work. I am not a technical person and Russell demonstrated excellent communication skills and complete mastery of this software. I am happy if you wish to talk directly with me and I can be contacted on request." 

Justice For Future Generations
Climate Change and International Law
Peter Lawrence Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania, Australia

Please contact us via our web form for Dragon training rates and availability. Or call 1300 255 900.

Dragon training is critical if you or your staff have a work-related injury and need to get back to fully productive work.

Without user training, only about 20 percent of the power of the software is accessed by the average user. This means that you’re not getting the full benefits out of the software and you are unlikely to achieve the highest accuracy possible.

Voice Recognition Australia can show you how to achieve accurate results within one hour of loading the software on your computer. We will also show you how to harness the large vocabulary the Dragon NaturallySpeaking comes with.

We can provide individual one-on-one Dragon User training at your workplace or home. One-on-one training works best because the training is conducted in the user’s environment, on their computer and training is tailored exactly to each individual’s specific needs.

Individual user training has been proven to provide the best results in the fastest possible time.

Individual training is very convenient for the user - as we come to your office and conduct the training. No productive hours are lost while you or your employee travels to a training centre. We come to you.

Voice recognition has dedicated dragon trainers in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide. We can also provide user training every other capital city including Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.

Training rates are provided by quotation once you have contacted us to discuss your individual needs

Professional Services

Voice Recognition Australia provides a range of services to assist both new and existing speech recognition software users.

Consultation for new users can be provided. This consultation will provide new Dragon Software users with a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities and advantages that voice recognition can bring to the workplace. This consultation is highly recommended for workers with injuries who require a degree of hands-free operation of their computer. This consultation can also show professional users how productivity gains can be made by using voice recognition software.

Technical support can be provided both on-site, over the telephone environment via remote computer access using team viewer. Our on-site services will identify problem areas that may be leading to poor recognition or user frustration. We will examine both the installation of the product, the computer hardware and its performance.

Some problems can be solved immediately and some require additional/new hardware to be installed based on our recommendations. Many times we have been on-site at an existing user’s workstation and found by simply troubleshooting their computer and their computer hardware, that we have been able to change their experience with voice recognition from a negative one to a very positive one.

We have a number of referrals from existing voice recognition Australia customers available by request.