How does Dragon work and how will it help me?

Put simply, Dragon allows you to speak into Word documents, web pages, Microsoft outlook, Word and almost every other application. The words will appear exactly where you were about to type them. Instead of typing, you talk into to a microphone. You will speak the punctuation as it is required - so at the end of a sentence you will say "full-stop" and mid-sentence you might say "comma". Dragon is really straight forward and easy to use. Once you get the hang of dictating, you can create documents or emails usually in one-third of the time that it took you to type it. But it's not just that, you'll be saving yourself from injury and frustration long-term -  by avoiding the dreaded keyboard.

Sure, but I get someone else to do my typing so why should I use Dragon?

Then I'm sure you appreciate the enormous cost of employing someone to do your typing. Not to mention that once they become skilled, they will probably leave. Then you've got recruitment costs and the stress of having to manage people...

If you're outsourcing, then you're paying per word and that is very expensive. And you have to check the document and send it back - which creates lengthy delays. This is frustrating and disempowers you from your own work. Don't you want total control of your work without having to wait for somebody else to do their job?

Dragon will eliminate all of these costs and frustrations. Switching to speech recognition is inexpensive and highly efficient. Dragon is also compatible with digital voice recorders and mobile phone recording apps. So if you're used to traditional dictation then you can send that to Dragon, saving you a lot of money.

But I heard that it takes a long time to train the program and it's inaccurate.

Dragon used to take a while to learn. But in the last few years there has been a radical improvement in speech technology. How good was your mobile phone 10 years ago? Probably not that great. Technology has improved exponentially over the last few years. Dragon will understand most users within a few minutes. The initial setup is fast and simple. We have a video demonstrating how quickly this can be done. Accents are usually not an issue.

There's so many options with Dragon. I don't know what version to choose. 

That's why we're here! We have 17 years in voice recognition. So use the chat below or call us on 1300 255 900.

If you work in the medical field then you need Dragon Medical Practice Edition, if you're a lawyer or solicitor then choose Dragon Legal.
And if you are neither of these, then Dragon Professional Individual is the best option for you.
Then you just have to decide whether you want to invest buying a wireless microphone or a regular USB headset.
Also consider on-site or remote training - you won't have time to learn the software yourself. In under two hours we can flip your entire operation over to using speech recognition permanently.

And we can do it in any state in Australia.

Start your own personal productivity revolution. It won't take long and it will make an enormous difference to your daily life.

Contact the Voice Recognition Australia team today.

Russell Bewsell

Managing Director
Voice Recognition Australia

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