Everything you need to know - Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.2 and your Medical Practice.
dragon medical 4.1

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Version 4.2 will eliminate your existing dictation system. The Doctor may be dictating into a voice recorder and handing the recordings to staff for typing. Perhaps the Doctor is directly typing into their medical records software. Alternatively, you may be using a third-party transcription service which is usually very expensive. Dragon will eliminate these manual typing processes. 

Do you know that Voice Recognition Australia is the largest Medical Voice-to-Text integrator in the Asia-Pacific and transitions hundreds of Medical Specialists to Dragon Medical each month? It's time you joined them and moved to a more efficient and cost effective dictation system.

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Once Dragon Medical is implemented the Doctor will be dictating directly into their medical records software such as Genie, Best Practice, Medical Director, and many others.

The Doctor will no longer be using a voice recorder in this scenario. The dictation will be completed instantly without any other help from staff or transcription companies. That is the best possible outcome for most medical practices as no more work is required.

Dragon Medical also supports digital voice recorders. The Doctor can continue to dictate into a voice recorder and hand the recordings to staff. The staff can then process that through the Dragon Medical software. That will produce all the text of the Doctor has dictated, saving staff about 85% of the typing. That text can be put into referral letters or medical records software. This is not as efficient as direct dictation, but for many Doctors it allows them to continue to use their existing workflow while greatly reducing typing.

We can set up either of these methods or both at the same time.

How Dragon Medical 4 will be implemented:

1. Contact us to describe your unique environment and workflow with your Doctor. We need to understand how to integrate Dragon Medical so that it is seamless and easy for you to transition. One of the two methods above will work best for your medical practice.

2. Talk to the Doctor about whether he/she is prepared to dictate directly into Genie, Best practice, Medical Director or other. We may be able to use a combination of direct dictation and digital voice recorder input.

3. Depending on your location, we will recommend on-site or remote training. Training is essential to ensure that we integrate with your systems.

4. With this information, we can now provide a comprehensive quotation including everything that you will need. We will email this to you immediately.

5. We will ship the goods to you and one of our trainers will arrange to visit you on-site or by using TeamViewer remotely.

6. Once the training is completed with the Doctor we will continue to support you from our national office using the phone and remote assistance tools.

You have now eliminated manual typing for medical transcription in your office. 

Please note there are no ongoing costs. You can choose to renew your technical support after one year, but you don't have to.