Testimonial - Nick Stuart
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Testimonial - Nick Stuart

Nicholas Stuart is an Australian journalist who is currently a columnist with The Canberra Times and editor-in-chief of ability.news. He is the author of three books about Australian politics.

Thanks, Voice Recognition Australia, for introducing Dragon Dictate to my life!

Since that moment I’ve written three books on politics (two were best-sellers; the third made the recommended reading list for Politics 1 at the ANU); thousands of newspaper columns (for Fairfax and the Canberra Times) and used Dragon to free my time. Today I concentrate on researching and expressing my ideas, rather than the tedium of pressing the keyboard and worrying about hitting the wrong key.

While I was working as an ABC Foreign Correspondent I only needed to worry about getting the spoken word right. Then, suddenly, and after a terrible car-smash in Bangkok, I realised that if I wanted to continue as a journalist I’d need to work in print. My speech wasn’t strong enough for radio or television anymore.

And that’s why Dragon has saved me.

It recognises my speech and transcribes it with near flawless precision. In addition, your assistance has helped me obtain the best results from the system. Every new update seems to further improve the program’s preformance and I've got no hesitation in reccomending it - particularly to anyone who has difficulty typing.

I’ve been amazed at what a stunning productivity tool Dragon has been.

Thanks again . . .

Nicholas Stuart




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