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Introducing the New Dragon Professional 16!

Last June marked the 25th anniversary of Dragon, a revolutionary tool that seemed straight out of science fiction when it first appeared. Now, conversational AI is a reality, and Dragon has played a significant role in its development. With the all-new Dragon Professional 16, you can revolutionize your documentation productivity on the PC.

The latest version of Dragon Professional 16 is better than ever before. You can now enjoy faster and more accurate dictation and transcription capabilities, which will save you valuable time on paperwork and allow you to focus on boosting your bottom line.

Dragon Professional 16 is uniquely optimized for Windows 11, offering best-in-class accessibility, supporting the latest applications, and much more. Here's what you can expect from the new Dragon:

Faster and more accurate than ever. Dragon Professional 16 uses a next-generation speech engine that represents 25 years of tireless progress and technology advancements, expanding the possibilities of speech recognition

Dragon Professional 16
Optimized for Windows 11. While fully compatible with Windows 10, Dragon Professional 16 has undergone a comprehensive re-architecting and re-

engineering of its code to ensure optimization for the new Windows 11 operating system, making it future-proofed for years to come.

Best-in-class accessibility. Dragon Professional 16 offers new features such as Mouse Grid on multiple monitors, furthering its commitment to the disability inclusion movement. It is also easily adapted to meet the most stringent compliance requirements for accessibility or industry reporting.

Support for the latest applications. Dragon Professional 16 integrates with other applications, making it critical to support the latest available versions. It offers new support for Office 2021, Microsoft Teams commands, and Corel WordPerfect 2021. It also supports Office 2016/2019 and features support for "Modern Comments" in Microsoft Word dictation.

Dragon Professional 16

Nuance PowerMic 4 support. The Nuance PowerMic is a microphone and mouse in one, and it is a secret weapon of Dragon power users. It is designed as a robust, ergonomic handheld microphone with simplified thumb-control operation, programmable buttons, and integrated mouse functionality, taking personal productivity to all new heights. Fully compatible with Dragon Professional 16, the PowerMic 4 is available at an exclusive 64% savings when purchased along with your upgrade.

Additional improvements include enhancements to support common hardware configurations, including those with high-resolution monitors, ensuring that Dragon Professional stays ahead of the technology curve.

All in all, Dragon Professional 16 is our best Dragon yet. Don't just take our word for it. Casey Marenge, Co-founder and Senior Web Developer of The Digified Agency, says, "Dragon 16 is the best Dragon yet, with even more functionality built-in for those with accessibility requirements."

Upgrade to Dragon Professional 16 today and experience the difference for yourself.


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Dragon Professional 16


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