FIX – Dragon Completely Shuts Down When Trying to Change Hot Keys
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FIX – Dragon Completely Shuts Down When Trying to Change Hot Keys

The technical team at Voice Recognition Australia have resolved a known Dragon Naturally Speaking  issue that has been plaguing Windows 10 users for some time. To our knowledge not even Nuance has discovered this fix, so well done team. So for now this is an unofficial fix. Use with caution. I have informed Nuance of the fix and I’m sure they will get around to properly testing it soon.

Known Issue: Dragon “Hotkey” crashing on Windows 10 Touch screen (computers/laptops/notebooks) with following error

Solution*: Go to “Task Manager” then “Services” then “Open Services” in the bottom and then look for “Touch Keyboard and Hand Writing Panel” then make the below changes and re-start.

You may need your IT department to do this. If you are not sure, please do not attempt as this will shut-down some touch screen functionality. * Use this fix at your own risk. It’s working for our customers but you never know with windows.

This solution should will apply to most Dragon products. But so far we have only tested Dragon Medical and Professional.

This completely fixed the problem on three surface pro computers  and one Acer – and the touch screen still works. It will depend on the make and model of your computer though. 

This is why we always recommend that your purchase technical support from .  

Our technical team is always working for our Australian customers to ensure their success with speech recognition in the long term.

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