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Best Practice and Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

I just uploaded a demonstration video showing how effective Dragon Medical Practice Edition works within the Best Practice electronic health records software.

Best Practice were really kind in sending Voice Recognition Australia a full version of their excellent Australian medial management software, so I could demonstrate to their many customers in Australia just how well Dragon Medical works within this electronic health record application. As you are about to see in the video, you can dictate into any field within Best Practice and Dragon Medical simply puts the words directly into the patient records or into the referral letters. This makes it the most efficient way of using speech recognition with the Best Practice program.

Dragon Medical is fast, efficient and can really transform the way that you are running your medical practice. Think about all the hours that your staff are currently putting into manually transcribing your dictation! Imagine if you simply dictated directly into Best Practice and created your own referral letters and other correspondence in real time – live using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, just like I am in this video. There is no requirement for a third party transcription step, whether you’re sending that to transcription company for processing at an extraordinary amount of money per letter, or if you have to pay a full-time staff member to manually type up the dictation. Let’s not even get into the cost of hiring and training new staff to do this manual transcription step. It takes many months, as I’m sure you know for an in-house transcriptionist to learn about the individual doctors requirements and the specialised vocabulary that is in use. Let Voice Recognition Australia work with you and eliminate these costly steps.

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Simply skip all of this and dictate straight into Best Practice software. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 makes it possible.

However if you are a bit reluctant to jump straight into live speech recognition, and want to engage in a intermediate step. You can dictate into a high quality digital voice recorder, such as the Olympus DS9000 and have Dragon NaturallySpeaking transcribe your dictation – all managed by your staff. Running your digital voice recording through Dragon is far more efficient manually typing.

dragon medical one
dragon medical one powermic
Dragon Medical One - Gold
dragon medical one
dragon medical one powermic
Dragon Medical One - Gold
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