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Dragon Premium 12
dragon premium 12

  • Great for students, occassional users and educational users.
    Very affordable.
  • Digital voice recorder support and support for wireless Bluetooth.
  • Works with Microsoft office applications including Excel and PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Works with Open Office and Mozilla Thunderbird email
  • Support multiple audio input sources – so you can have the one user/vocab for usb mic and digital recorder etc

Dragon Professional is a better choice than Premium for these reasons:

  • Premium is licenced for one user on one computer only.
    Volume / site licencing is not available for Premium.
  • Premium cannot create custom powerful windows voice commands.
  • Premium has no network management feaures such as profile management with user profiles stored on the network.
  • Premium cannot save audio with dictation so you cannot correct later or hand off dictation to 3rd party for corrections – only professional does this. This is extremely useful when using a digital recorder.
  • Smaller vocabulary – Premium is less powerful and not as accurate as professional.
  • Premium does not have custom vocabularies like medical and legal.

dragon professional 12

Dragon Professional 12

Strengths - Maximum Accuracy and Performance:

  • Professional is licensed for one user on up to five (5) computers.
  • Use Dragon Professional on your home PC, work PC and laptop.
  • Have audio corrected and transcribed later by a 3rd party - a very popluar and useful function. Simply hand off your digital recorder to support staff and have them process the audio through Dragon & make the corrections!
  • Professional has a larger vocabulary and more powerful features & commands
  • Control most PC function by voice. i.e " new email" "reply to email" "print document"
  • Create or import sophisticated and powerful voice commands to automate routine tasks such as standard reponses to emails or referral letters.
  • Enterprise profile management with user profiles centralized on the network; remote management of word lists - manage users over the network 
  • Professional  has a larger vocabulary  than premium. If you use a sophisticated vocabulary then you need Dragon Professional.


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2dragon medical practice edition


  • Includes 90 specialist medical vocabularies.
  • Works with electronic health record (EHR) software like Medical Director and Genie.
  • Supports the Nuance PowerMic II
  • And much more. Call us on 1300 255 900.


Consider the USB microphone package option: There’s little point getting the most powerful and accurate speech recognition software available today only to then lose accuracy through low quality audio input – the included mic is only a very basic starting point and will not delivery the full capabilities of the program – only one of our approved USB headset microphones will.

Buy from Australia's Gold Certified Nuance distributor with confidence and support

  •  Overseas versions: Most are not Australian accent versions (all of ours are) and you will not receive support and backup. Once you allow for freight and GST our prices are on parity or we are cheaper than the US. Overseas products are also often pirate versions.



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  1. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with PowerMic 2.0 UK English

    Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with PowerMic 2.0

    Contact Us

    NEW - Dragon Medical Practice 2 Edition PowerMic - Now available in Australia as a complete package for your medical practice. Contact us for a quotation.

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  2. dragon professional 13

    Dragon Professional 13 (Pre-Order)

    As low as: $589.00

    NEW! Dragon Professional 13 - Released this month!
    15 per cent more accurate and easier to setup and use.
    DVD boxed edition.

    Available for Pre-Order. Stock will be shipped in the last week of September.

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  3. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

    Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

    Contact Us

    NEW - Dragon Medical Practice 2 Edition is the most advanced and powerful Dragon product in the world and includes 90 specialised medical vocabularies.

    Pricing is by application,  because we need understand how to best integrate Dragon into your Medical practice.

    1300 255 900 to speak with a specialist. More information.

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