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Wearing a headset is not something that agrees with everyone. If you work in a fairly quiet working environment and would prefer dictating without the hassle of wearing something over your head constantly, then buying a hands-free desktop USB microphone might be the option for you.

Selected for their compatibility with voice recognition software in general and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 in particular, our desktop USB microphones are sourced from top manufacturers like SuperBeam and Acoustic Magic to give you the clearest and most accurate voice recognition experience possible.

Buy online with us today to be sure of the best quality desktop USB microphones at very competitive prices.

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  • AcousticMagic VoiceTracker 2 USB Array Microphone

    The Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II USB Array Microphone is the perfect tool for recording meetings or lectures. With 30 feet of range and 180 degree movement this device tracks your movement, effectively freeing you of any of the restrictions usually associated with voice recording. Buy online today.

    Since the Voice Tracker™ array microphone can pick up talker throughout the entire room, it has often been used for conferencing application It became clear from customer feedback that incorporation of a high-quality acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) algorithm would broaden the Voice Tracker’s application by enabling full duplex VoIP based conferencing at a fraction of the cost of conventional conferencing systems.

    Sku: ACMAGIC2
  • NC181VM USB Microphone

    SALE RRP$119 SAVE !

    Andrea Electronics NC181VM USB Microphone is recommended by Dragon NaturallySpeaking as the most accurate USB microphone available. This is the best value USB noise canceling headset available for Dragon NaturallySpeaking hands down.
    Also, if your unit fails under warranty within the next 12 months we will replace the unit overnight.

    Sku: NC181USB

    Regular Price: $119.00

    Special Price: $99.00

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