Dragon Medical, Professional & Legal 15

Accessibility Advisers & Learning Support

Dragon Educational Assessment Training Package  for Accessibility Advisers & Learning Support teachers

Dragon Professional 15 is available free to a limited number of pre-approved Accessibility Advisers and Learning Support techers at Universities, TAFE's and primary/secondary schools.
This free Dragon Professional license - valued at $475 -  is only supplied with our Dragon Educational Assessment Training Package.

This initiative aims to put the Dragon software into the hands of Accessibility Advisers and Learning Support teachers and equip them with the knowledge base and strategies to induct and support their students.  

The package is specifically designed to allow accessibility advisers and learning support teachers to effectively assess the suitability of the Dragon software for their students. The package includes; the correct microphone, hardware,  and training documentation. The specialised training documentation contains resources on how to set up an effective student trial and assessment. This will allow the accessibility adviser or learning support teachers to quickly ascertain the suitability of the Dragon software for the student. This will also save time and money by ensuring that limited resources are spent appropriately.

This special Dragon Educational Assessment Training Package has been initiated by Voice Recognition Australia (with Nuance Communication's support) and is the only program of it's type available in the world.

Dragon Educational Assessment Training Package:

- Free Dragon Professional Individual 15 (one licence)
- Andrea NC181VUM USB Headset Microphone
- One hour remote TeamViewer training
- Specialised Dragon training documentation
- 12 months helpdesk/training support with Voice Recognition Australia

The total value of this package is over $850. Thanks to Nuance and to Voice Recognition Australia, pre-approved advisers can order this Package for $255 inc gst
To request this package, please fill out our contact form below and one of our specialists will call you to discuss within the next 48 hours.