Dragon Legal - 12 months software maintenance and support

Maintenance and Support is purchased annually and includes access to Nuance International Technical Support, error corrections, software updates and software upgrades (future new releases of our product as they become available).




You can only purchase Maintenance and Support for the latest version of a product. If you have older versions of the product, you must upgrade them to the latest version. If you choose to purchase M&S you must purchase M&S for  all copies of a product covered by the OLP .

Maintenance period

M&S starts from the date the product was purchased from Nuance. M&S is purchased for a period of 12 months and the Maintenance Periods ends
on the anniversary date of purchase. You should renew M&S for another 12 month period before the Maintenance Period expires to ensure uninterrupted access to Technical Support and software updates and upgrades.

Maintenance reinstatement

If M&S services lapse, or were never originally procured with respect to Nuance software for any particular end user, and the client subsequently
desires to procure them, then in addition to the fees otherwise due for the M&S services, the client shall pay a reinstatement fee equal to one
and one-half (1.5) times the fee for the M&S services for the period during which the applicable Nuance software was unsupported. Any reference in
a quotation to a “start date” for lapsed or never-purchased M&S service applies for purposes of determining the reinstatement fee and does not affect