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Dragon 15 (windows) - BYOD 10 user pack - Educational


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What's great about this new BYOD Dragon 15 PC package?

It allows you to install Dragon on any computer owned by the school or by students on their BYOB Windows PC. You will be issued with individual license keys so that the educational institution can issue the keys as they wish to each student - provided they do not exceed the maximum number ordered. In the past Nuance only allowed licenses to be installed on school own computers. Now your school can issue them to any student who brings their own Windows PC device.

The licenses are issued in blocks of 10. So if you want to order 20 then put two of these in your cart. Alternatively, we can offer a full quotation by request. Simply call us or email us.

Each student can select their user profile and start using Dragon straight away. It's a great way to introduce your students to speech recognition at a low price point. Not only that, this is the full Dragon Professional individual 15. This is not a cut-down or reduced version of Dragon for academic use - it is the complete Dragon Professional individual 15 software license. This is far more advanced than Dragon Premium 13.

We have many schools in Australia using this product and if you require a referral then please contact us directly and we will put you in touch with a school who is using Dragon successfully. This product is particularly useful for schools with students with special needs - such as dyslexia. Dragon will allow them to dictate directly into their Word documents and essays - greatly improving their productivity and empowering them to complete their own work. We also have examples of students who have used Dragon successfully in a school environment - So please talk to us today.

It's critical to use the right microphone when using Dragon. Not just any old cheap microphone will do. We have a range of USB digital noise canceling microphones that have been engineered for school use. Our microphones are robust and reliable and have been in use for several years in schools. So please consider adding the microphone package to this order.

Please consider ordering our remote training service. We can take a few of your teachers through the basics of using the software so that you can pass that on to the students. Without understanding the fundamental features of the product you will have difficulty using it effectively. This is a minor investment considering the significant returns that you will get from this remote training. Support is provided using the Nuance technical support number and not directly by voice recognition Australia.

We also have on-site training available in most states. We can conduct a train the trainer session with you at your school. This is available by quotation. Or you can select the remote teamviewer training option above.

Contact our specialist educational sales team on 1300 255 900 today.