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Smartphone Automatic Transcription System - Speechlive & Dragon 15

No need for a typist. Manage your dictation automatically without typing.

  • Dictate into your iPhone or Android phone
  • Send dictations instantly and securely to your Windows PC 
  • Philips connects automatically with Dragon 15 speech recognition
  • Dictation is automatically typed ready for your review on your PC.
  • Single speaker dictation. (not for interviews, meetings or medical use)

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EOFY Sale On This Brilliant Automatic Dictation System - Save $400

Includes: ( we will set this up for you)

  • 1 year Subscription* - Speechlive accounts (phone app) 
  • 1 year Subscription* Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate (links to Dragon)
  • 1 licence of Dragon Pro 15 (permanent licence)
  • 12 months help desk/technical support*
  • Remote setup and training. We make it easy.
  • *After 12 months renewal cost of subscription and support is $539 inc gst pa.


  • Add hardware voice recorder - Speech Air II PSP2100 - you may prefer the ergonomics and battery life of the Philips cloud-connected voice recorder in lieu of your smartphone.

This is an easy to use advanced dictation system that harnesses the power of your smart phone, your Windows PC and the latest Dragon 15 speech engine to automatically transcribe your dictation. Allowing you to dictate from anywhere without any help or staff. You simply review the text when you return to your Windows computer.

Automatic dictation is the future. What are you waiting for?

This is the perfect package for a small practice/office with one professional/lawyer - who may not have access to support staff. Imagine the saving by taking total control of you dictation. No more expensive transcription services or staff costs for typing. This system is a game changer for sole practitioners.

Simple to use and secure

With this system the author ( lawyer, business professional) will use their smartphone as a high-quality secure audio device for dictation by using the secure encrypted SpeechLive service. 

The dictated audio will be sent instantly to the Philips speechexec dictation software which is installed on the Windows computer in your office. This is linked directly to the Dragon Professional 15 speech engine. These two systems work together to output a document with your completed dictation.

When you wish to review your dictation you simply open the Philips window software and playback the dictation. You can manually make the necessary changes (mouse and keyboard) where you can  edit words or remove any extraneous phrases. You are now ready to cut and paste this information into any medium such as word documents, outlook, leap or any other Windows program that accepts text.

What are the advantages of this system compared to traditional dictation?

  • The author does not need to carry a separate bulky voice recorder. They can simply use the advanced technology of their smartphone to make recordings
  • The audio is sent and stored securely by the Philips cloud service and data is held within Australia.
  • The dictation is received immediately by Dragon on your windows PC via the cloud. Instead of having to wait  to dock the recorder the audio is sent immediately to Dragon for processing. This results rapid turnaround times for dictation. You just need to edit and check the output.
  • This system is an order of magnitude less expensive than a dedicated typist or transcription service. You don't need anyone to help you anymore.
  • You will be leading your peers with your use of this advanced cloud and speech recognition technology

Minimal Ongoing Costs

Your ongoing costs after 12 months only relate to renewing the SpeechLive subscriptions and technical support. So after making this initial investment, it is inexpensive to maintain this system @ $539 inc per year.


Note: Smartphone not included.