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Dragon Medical One FREE THIS APRIL


Dragon Medical Australia

Work remotely & dictate directly into Genie, MD, BP, Shexie, ZedMed and more. Dictate into your server in real time.

Dragon Medical cloud

Highly accurate, instant results. No need for any staff input. Take control of dictation from anywhere.

dragon medical one

No strings attached. Free for April. No setup fees, no contracts.
Love it or leave it.

Take charge of your dictation now. Free in April. No contracts.

Integrate Dragon Medical One into your medical records such as Genie, Medical Director, Best Practice and in April completely for free. You will radically decrease the amount of time it takes to input your patient notes and referral letters. You will immediately be dictating instead of typing manually or handing off recordings to typists which is slow, cumbersome and expensive.
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Dragon Medical One :

  • Dragon Medical One - free in April for new users
  • You will use a free phone app to dictate
  • No charges, contracts or fees. 
  • Free Video setup guide is easy to follow. 
  • Only 50 Free Slots available. First in first served.
  • The most accurate system in the world.
  • We can optionally setup and train you for maximum success.
dragon medical one

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