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Frequently Asked Questions

I have recordings on tape/CD/iphone/mp3 player etc. Can Dragon transcribe this audio or an interview?

automatic speech recognition

Dragon is not transcription software. The program will recognise only one, trained, speakers voice but not a meeting or interview involving multiple speakers. Nor will it recognize an unknown speaker from someone has not trained the software. i.e., old audio recordings of someone’s voice - the speaker hasn't trained and the audio may not be clear enough. You can use a quality digital recorder though to record your own voice for Dragon or you can dictate directly in real-time when you are listening to a recording. This is much faster than typing. What is in common use is ghosting or shadowing. This means that you listen to a recording of a conversation and re-speak it using the Dragon software. This is usually far more efficient than typing.

The technology simply does not exist at this stage to transcribe more than one speaker, for example in an interview situation.

Dragon is speaker dependent speech recognition software and differs significantly from what you would have experienced when you phoned Telstra or other call centres. These voice recognition services have very limited vocabularies which means they can respond to almost any speaker.

Dragon naturally speaking maintains its high accuracy by having a large vocabulary. This means that each individual user has to tune the program to their voice. This is an automatic process with the new version 13 and you simply need to use the software every day for it to start to adapt to the way that you speak.

In the past you were required to complete voice training which meant that you had to read several dozen paragraphs to train the software. This is no longer required - which is a huge advantage over previous versions. However this does not mean you can simply teach it any voice. The other issue is that two people are not actually dictating when having a conversation. You still need to dictate to Dragon, that means you use basic punctuation such as "full stop" and "new line". You don't need to do these things but it makes it much easier to edit the document later on. What is in common use is ghosting or shadowing. This means that the transcriptionist listens to a recording of a conversation and re-speaks it using the Dragon software. This is usually far more efficient than typing but it is a skill that needs to be learned.

Hansard reporters at state and federal parliament's in Australia use this shadowing method instead of typing. The Hansard reporters used to type at about 150 words per minute, but due to injuries and so forth they were unable to maintain this. They now use Dragon. 

Dragon voice recognition software really empowers users to not only create reports/documents much faster, but they usually include more details because they're able to speak and describe the situation verbally. This leads to more richer and complete descriptions/reports in most instances.

Where can I download a free trial of Dragon 13 ?

The developer of the Dragon, Nuance Communications, do not make a trial or demonstration version. This is because the software requires a good USB headset in order to get accurate results. People generally do not spend money on a proper headset when only trialling the software. The iPhone Dragon application will give you an idea of What Dragon can do and its free at the moment. Dragon 13 is far more powerful than the Iphone version.

Voice recognition Australia has also created a number of youtube video demonstrations that show the features and capabilities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software

I have an older version of Dragon. How can I upgrade to Dragon 13 ?

You cannot upgrade from version 6/7/8/9/10 to version 13,  You will require a full version should you decide to go to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13. Pricing and information. Dragon allows upgrading from 11 and 12. Upgrades available here.

I have a strong accent. How will Dragon 13 cope with this and what will my accuracy be like?

Generally speaking, accents will require more training (the thicker the accent the more training) but so long as you take the time to do that training, you should be able to receive good results. It really depends on the individual so there are no guarantees about the results.  The accent models that are included (supported directly) by the software are: Australian,UK, South East Asian and Indian english. Usually however, as long as you can dictate clearly without mumbling or slurring an accent is not a big issue. Someone with a strong accent that can dictate clearly will have better results than someone with very little accent who is mumbling and slurring their words.

Will Dragon Work with Open Office or other document creation software?

All versions of Dragon will allow you to dictate directly into Open Office very effectively. You won't have voice command over the options (like you do in Microsoft office) but you can dictate easily and quickly.

Our organisation is after a quote for 5-500 licences, Can you help?

Yes, Dragon volume licencing is tiered in volume bands. This lowers the price.  Think about how many licences you really need and what sort of headset microphones and support you might like and contact us for a quote.

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